Spreadsheets Visualized In 2-Clicks

Automate tedious monthly reports. Turn boring Excel files into eye-popping data visualizations

Getting started is as easy as:


Connect to Excel or Google Sheets. Visualize key metrics using number, graph, table and chart widgets. Group each widget on a convenient dashboard ready view and take decisive action on your insights.



Collect and process raw data. Refresh key metrics in near realtime and perform statistical calculations on the fly to get phenomenal insights.



Keep everyone from front line staff to senior executives informed with the right data. Limit access to sensitive information and invite each department to build their own customised dashboard.


We interviewed 50 data-driven leaders

who want a better option than Excel—just like you.

  • "Datadeck enables us to see which marketing campaigns work and which do not. Excel doesn’t do as good a job of that. Excel can’t link directly to data sources, and even after we blend data manually, the finished view fails to impress. We’d love an easier way to share our reports throughout the company. Emailing or uploading reports is just too inefficient."

    Nick Geys

    Founder of Onlinewerkrooster

  • "I need to be able to capture my team members hours worked and clients worked on in real-time so we can accurately bill our clients. I’m spending 2-3 hours each week compiling this data manually and it’s just too much work."

    Jon Lehman

    Founder of Idea42

  • "We need to visualize blended marketing data, all of which lives in different screens. I want a way to look at information about my business from multiple data sources in a way that saves me a ton of time and helps me see connection between data points."

    Mathieu Guerville

    Founder at Chroma Club

  • "It takes a lot of time for our guys to put the data together for our weekly reports. It would be nice to have a tool that automatically imports and updates that all. Then I could just hit refresh on one dashboard to see the latest stats."

    Peter Knol

    Co founder at BKSY

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